We support and elevate Start-ups!  Freeing up your time to focus on your idea. Raising funds can quite often be an incredibly frustrating experience for Start-up founders because they are at a fundamental disadvantage as they know very little about the process and the investors know a lot. BridgeToAngels work with everything from developing business concepts, structuring business plans together with performing the valuation and Due Diligence exercise of early ventures. Together with the Start-up venture and a network of experienced investors and Start-up lawyers, BridgeToAngels pilot your business with its owner towards a growth journey. With commercialisation as our shared objective and with the ambition to make the world a better place.


BridgeToAngels is part of a dedicated small team consisting of individuals with extensive experience in start-up ventures and with a background from Swedish multinational corporations.


We work hands-on with you through every step of the start-up process. Business model design, creation of the business plan and business cases, Due Diligence preparation, as well as ensuring that your product/service/application is properly positioned for the market.


We make it easy to identify and tailor the most suitable options available to you and work to present your proposal/ offer as favourably as possible to potential investors.

Crowd funding


Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture / start-up. Here BridgeToAngels are working together with our Crowdfunding-partner Danaube Angels GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria.

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