We support and elevate Start-ups! Freeing up your time to focus on your idea. Raising funds can quite often be an incredibly frustrating experience for Start-up founders because they are at a fundamental disadvantage as they know very little about the process, and the investors know a lot. BridgeToAngels work with everything from structuring and developing business concepts and business plans to complete automated Due Diligence exercises set-up in a Virtual Data Room. Further, prepare Term sheets and Cap Tables, including analyses of its effects on the start-up valuation. Together with the Start-up venture and a network of experienced investors and Start-up lawyers, BridgeToAngels pilot your business with its owner towards a growth journey. With commercialisation as our shared objective and with the ambition to make the world a better place.


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BridgeToAngels is part of a dedicated small team consisting of individuals with extensive experience in start-up ventures and with a background from Swedish multinational corporations.


We work hands-on with you through every step of the start-up process. Business model design, creation of the business plan and business cases, Due Diligence preparation, as well as ensuring that your product/service/application is properly positioned for the market.


 We make it easy to identify and tailor the most suitable options available to you, with support from our Partners, and work to present your proposal/ offer as favourably as possible to potential investors.


  • BridgeToAngels are working together with our Crowdfunding-partner Danaube Angels GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria.
  • Pitch trainer Jan Kronkvist focuses on developing your appearances in front of Business Angels and VCs.

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Short info in Swedish:

BridgeToAngels är den startupsupport och pitchträning-proffs som ni behöver för kapitalrundor och pitchpresentationer inför affärsänglar.

Se till att ditt venture får och har den i särklass bästa pitch, som ger det resultat ni vill ha.

Kontakta Magnus Ernegård och hans team för en gedigen och skräddarsydd startup-hjälp.